About Gloria...

I am Gloria Rossini and since I was little I have two great passions, swimming, which has accompanied me throughout my life and forming my character and then became my job, and art, which, after finishing middle school, led me to attend the State Art Institute of my Province.

Swimming has formed my character by teaching me to rely on myself and to know what it means to make sacrifices. So without him I wouldn't be who I am. In addition, I became an instructor, both of swimming itself and of Hydrobike and Acquafitness. This is to testify how strong my love for him is.

 Art instead gave me a means to express my emotions in unlimited ways through painting. Drawing, Coloring and Inventing.Unfortunately, for a period of my life, I didn't draw, I just worked without giving vent to my inspiration anymore, I had to imagine that sooner or later, he would have wanted to come back out.

And so he did, after several years of not drawing in fact, he felt the need to do something, I got the inspiration for some drawings that I put first on paper and then I started to transpose them on t-shirts.

However, I had not yet found something that would seriously satisfy my newfound talent, that would express everything I had inside, then, the turning point.
One day, particularly bored, I took a sheet of paper and started drawing lines, first simple, then complex, then spheres like balloons, then circles, then triangles ... I started filling them, the more I filled and decorated them, the more I filled that void that didn't I was able to fill in with other creative activities. My style was born, my abstractly drawn self.
Glo Abstract Was Born.


"The Abstract was ever more impressive then the concrete."
Fernando Pessoa
International Prize "Leonardo da Vinci" Firenze - One of 300 selected for final event"
International Prize for Emerging Artist "Luxembourg Art Prize" -Partecipation