Emotions and their definition. How do you draw an emotion? How do you define it? I found an answer by letting go my hand, letting it draw and color, geometric figures such as circles, points, curved lines and straight lines, all suggested by heart and mind, then the colors, brushstrokes and shades dictated by the stomach. This is my recipe. I found interesting to  write what inspired me when I painted each draw, but despite this, to fully enjoy the magic of abstract art, you have to let yourself go to what the painting make you feel watching it. 

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Mars (Marte)

Women are from Venus and Men are from...

Abstract painting "Mars" by Glo Abstract Marker, golden leafs and Acrylic Spray on Canvas 100x70cm.

venere (Venus)

As I imagined the goddess in her most abstract form.

Abstract Painting "Venere - Venus" Marker and Acrylic Spray on Canvas 50x70cm.

Fly away

"...E volavo, volavo felice più in alto del sole
Ed ancora più su
Mentre il mondo pian piano spariva lontano laggiù
Una musica dolce suonava soltanto per me.."
- Nel Blu dipinto di Blu - D. Modugno

Abstract Painting "Fly Away" Marker and Acrylic Spray on Canvas 100x70cm.


What would it be like if I drew the feeling I had as a child when I ate candies, the mix of flavors and that almost excessive sweetness? For me it would be like this painting! Marker, acrylic spray and golden sheets on canvas, 100x50 cm.

Abstract Painting "Candy" Marker, acrylic spray and golden sheet on canvas 100x50 cm.


Eh ... and what title do I give it ?! The reality is that the only thing I thought about painting it is freedom, the same one I would feel when coming out of this period of shit we are going through thanks to covid-19. Green, however, is a color that inspires hope and looking at it relaxes eyes, so why not make it green ?! Marker and Acrylic Spray on Canvas 70x50 cm.

Abstract painting "Eh"... Marker and acrylic spray on canvas.


Marker, watercolor, acrylic spray on canvas 100x50 cm.

be yourself

Marker, watercolor, acrylic spray on canvas 100x50 cm.


Marker, watercolor and acrylic spray on canvas 80x80cm


Marker and Tempera on golden canvas 70x50 cm.

galassia (galaxy)

Marcker and Acrylic on canvas 70x100cm

Peacock: comfort zone

When you are in your comfort zone, the colors are muted and everything is balloons, lines and flowers, but when you get out of it your stomach is on fire. In the name, I put Peacock, because when the work was finished it made me think a Peacock and I do not hide the fact that for some colors I was inspired by him. Marker, watercolor, acrylic on canvas 100x50 cm.

Il pianeta dei Bambini (Planeto of children)

I live near a small park with an adjoining soccer / basketball field, it is often full of children playing and later in the evening these children are replaced by teenagers and boys. Some of these kids too often fall into some pitfalls that life presents to them. The contrast between the contagious joy of children and the anxieties of a parent take shape in this work. Marker, watercolor, acrylic on canvas 50x70cm.


Picture that was born after the experience of a trip to New York and from the nostalgia I felt when I reviewed the photos some time later. The thrill of seeing the New York skyline is unique. I put the emotions on canvas, then the nostalgia, the wonder, the joy, the serenity and the ambition, the ambition to be able to return sooner or later. Marker, watercolor and acrylic on canvas 50x50cm.

The idea of this gallery, in which I explain the meaning of the paintings, came to me talking to a colleague artist. Who, thanks to his experience, explained to me the importance of being present when an exhibition is done "solo", that is, solo. This is to give the opportunity to those who come to see it, to be able to talk to the artist and understand the background of a painting. From inspiration, to the creative process and also the meaning. So I chose to set up my gallery like this, as if it were a virtual exhibition.

el camino de mi vida

Andare per la propria strada...

Like it or not, we walk our "road of life", it could be more straight or more articulated and full of curves. Few are good at walking it without being distracted by what surrounds them, more or less wrong advice, opinions, criticisms, judgments, etc. The inspiration for this painting comes from all those times that I got distracted by what was lining my road and from all those times that, taken by anger, I told myself to stop listening to everyone without distinction and to do it alone, after all in some cases "who does it alone does for three". In fact, today I learned to go straight on my way without being distracted anymore, I look at the goal but I also enjoy the path! Framework selected to participate in the "Leonardo da Vinci International Award" Marker, watercolor, acrylic on canvas 50x100cm.

Equazione - l'equazione di dirac (Dirac's equation)

The Dirac equation specifically concerns particles and argues that: when two systems come into contact for a certain period of time, not short, even if they separate, they would always remain recognizable as a single system. But I like the romantic version more and I write it in my own words: when two people come into contact for a long time, inevitably their lives are influenced in such a way that even if they were to detach, a part of one will always remain in the other. On the other hand, how many times has a person we met left us something inside that we will carry with us forever ?! Whether it was friendship, acquaintance or even more, love.
Marker, watercolor and acrylic on canvas 100x70 cm.

-Draw presented on "International Prize  city of New York" 2020 October -

Dark Dreams

How often are we women considered the weaker sex? Are we really? I have never thought about it, indeed perhaps it is just the opposite, how many extraordinary things women have done in the last 100 years! They fought to have spaces that before, for reasons that some considered "natural", they did not have, they fought for emancipation, for work, to be recognized in roles that were previously considered only "masculine", have become leaders of company, heads of state and much more, all this while remaining central figures in maintaining family unity, thanks to their innate sensitivity and sense of motherhood. What a woman can do has no limits, she can have the many qualities of a man while remaining a woman. However this is not without consequences, as the world around her burns with passion for what she does, she finds herself having to deal with the nightmare of an endless struggle to prove her worth. Marker and watercolor on canvas 50x70cm.

il tramonto (THE SUNSET)

Magic plays of light, they lean on like a veil on the life that flows, in the streets it is party, the moment is special. Twilight is a gift that is given to us every day and every day comes at a slightly different time. Marker, acrylic and watercolor on canvas 40x70cm.


Le Lune (MOONS)

Each man or woman are satellites or perhaps planets, each place is a planet in its own way, each child is a planet, often different periods of one's life are planets in their own right. Each planet contains its particularities, it is not a perfect sphere, its surface is not perfect. Each planet is just. Each planet is surrounded by stars that enhance and enhance it. A planet without stars around it is lost in the dark. Marker, watercolor and acrylic on cardboard 47x33 cm.

Luna #1 (Moon #1)
Luna #2 (Moon #2)

il sole (THE SUN)

We take it for granted sometimes. It is a star, close to us, huge and we turn around. Together with some other elements it gives rise to life. Of which it is a metaphor. Marker and watercolor on cardboard 24x33cm.

L'incontro (THE MEETING)


How many times, having met a person, has led us to know new things? An encounter is not just the action of meeting, in a meeting we can know new realities, new emotions, new situations. in short, the simple encounter can enclose an entire universe ... Marker, acrylic and watercolor on cardboard 50x70cm.

Lampo (FLASH)

Have you ever paused to think how much there is to know about lightning? They look like simple things, power surges and nothing else. In reality, they create incredible plays of light and atmospheres and in their generation there is so much of that science to leave you astonished. Marker, watercolor and acrylic on cardboard 33x47cm.



Universes in comparison, man and woman, complex and simple at the same time. Similar perhaps, certainly different. Marker, acrylic and watercolor on cardboard 50x70cm.

SENILITA' (senilitY)

Does showing the signs of aging only mean that you have aged? For me it has always meant having an important life experience, something to pass down and wisdom. Marker, acrylic and watercolor on cardboard 50x70cm.


Who said that to be friends you have to be the same ?! Marker, acrylic and watercolor on cardboard 33x47cm.


Affinity is what describes an attraction or sympathy between two or more subjects, regardless of what it may seem from the outside, regardless of whether the subjects in question are the same or not. Marker, watercolor and acrylic on cardboard 50x70cm

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