This, suppose to be a journey through one of my greatest Passions, ABSTRACT ART. 

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Abstract Art

Abstract art  is a kind of art that put on top feelings of the artist, more than the technique itself, each drawing goes over what it is and over the meaning that the artist gave to it. Give the possibility to the observer to see what he feel . In an Abstract Art's painting you can see anything you whant but do not commit the common error to see it whit your eyes. Abstract Art is stomach and heart. Abstract Art is strictly personal, maybe the most personal kind of art. Abstract Art give me the possibility to pull out all my feelings, to give them shape and colour, to communicate in a way that with words i can't, give me the possibility to do all of this and don't be subject to rules and limits. If not those of the canvas or the paper that i'm painting. Altough, to tell the truth, several i use to go over there and paint also floors, tables and many other things around me (thanks to my family to be patient). Sure if i had a loboratory, there weren't this inconvenience, i'm joking, there would be the same! I don't like drawing in the same place, i can't work in the same place each time, i must be free! And so, in Art, is difficult stay on the patterns, for what?! It could seems to be like the game where you have to connect dots to create a figure.


whimsy and extroversion

This to describe me with only two easy words, easy and complex at the same time. Since i was a child i feel the need to show my emotions, but not all of them were easy to show only by the language, body and words too, to put some of them out i need to do something creative, that make me come true. Since this moment my creativity start to emerge.


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